Asus Router Login

Worried about not working? Here’s how to do away with it!

The web address is the default gateway to access the web-based Asus router setup wizard. An alternative to this web address is the IP address i.e., that can also be used for the same purpose. Reasons behind issues accessing the web address can be varied.

Resolving the same would require you to follow a standard troubleshooting guide so you can begin accessing the internet seamlessly. This blog will walk you through some troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the asus router setup wizard issues easily.

Issues Faced By Users

From not being able to access the setup wizard to having incorrect username and password details and firmware related issues, knowing the correct steps to troubleshoot key issues is important. Here are some issues that users may face with their router more often:

  • Unable to access the router login page
  • Username and password related issues

Now, reasons why users face these issues often can be varied. The section further will discuss possible reasons behind the trouble users face and the ways you can troubleshoot the same.

Troubleshooting Not Working Issue

The may refuse to open due to various reasons. These may be:

  • Using an incorrect web/IP address, and
  • Device not connected to the router network.

Now, if you are using an incorrect web/IP address in the first place, you are likely to get an error while trying to access the login page. The correct web address and IP address details can be found on the product manual of the router or on the product label on the rear panel. 

If not, you can use as your web address or the IP address to access the login page. Make sure you are not making any typos while typing the same. 

Furthermore, you should also check if the device that you are using to access the login page is connected to the router network or not. If not, connect to the same right away. You can use an ethernet cable to connect your computer to the router. If you are using a smartphone, make sure you are connected to the correct network. If you are still getting issues, check if the wired connections are loose somewhere.

Username and Password Related Issues

Using the correct login credentials to access the setup wizard is important. If you are using the login page for the first time, you can use the details mentioned on the product label. If you are logging in for a consecutive time, make sure you are using the credentials that you had changed earlier.  However, if you have forgotten the same, there’s no other way around than performing a factory reset of your router. To factory RESET your router, you can follow the steps:

  • Locate the RESET button on the side/rear panel of the router. You’ll find it concealed inside a small hole.
  • Press and hold the same for about 5-7 seconds, or until the LEDs on the front panel begin to flash altogether. Once they do, release the button and wait for the router to reboot.
  • Once the router reboots itself, you can follow the standard Asus router setup process to configure your router and begin using the internet once again.

Still, facing issues with the setup process? You can always reach out to the team at our end for expert assistance on troubleshooting topics.