Unable to Access the “” Address? Here’s What You Can Do

The default web address to access the web-based Asus router login wizard is ““. Also, the IP address “” is an alternative to this website and can be used for the same purpose. There are several reasons for problems accessing the website.

You should adhere to standard troubleshooting steps in order to resolve the same and start using the internet without any issues. You will be able to simply resolve the Asus router login process issues by following the methods outlined in this blog post.

Common Asus Router Login Issue

Knowing the right procedures to troubleshoot major difficulties is vital, as they might range from firmware-related problems to not being able to access the login wizard to having erroneous username and password data. The following are some common problems that users may encounter with their router:

  • Your device is not connected to the Asus router.
  • You are entering the incorrect login credentials.
  • Issues within the web browser.
  • Too much distance between the router and your device.
  • The VPN or Firewall is enabled on your device.

Users may encounter these problems frequently due to a variety of reasons. You must study these reasons carefully in order to fix them. The next section will go over potential causes of the issues users are having as well as how to solve them.

Methods to Resolve the Asus Router Login Issues

It’s time for you to start using the troubleshooting techniques to fix the issue with your Asus router not functioning and not connecting to the internet. To fix the login problems, simply follow the steps below in this section.

Properly Connect Your Device to the Asus Network

  • Firstly, connect your device to the Asus router’s local network to access the login page.
  • Without a connection with the Asus router, you won’t be able to access the Asus login page.
  • Therefore, your device needs to be connected to the router’s network to log in.
  • You can connect your smartphone to the router’s network from the Wi-Fi settings.
  • To connect your computer to the Asus router, you require an Ethernet cable.

Double-Check Your Asus Login Credentials

  • Another reason why you can’t access the admin panel is that you are using the incorrect login details.
  • Therefore, you must use the correct login credentials to resolve the Asus router login issues.
  • If you are using the incorrect login details, you won’t be able to log into the router’s user interface.
  • Also, you can reset them from the login page if you have forgotten your login details.

Reboot Your Asus Router and Modem

  • Restarting your Asus router & modem can effectively remove minor software bugs & glitches.
  • You can power cycle your router & modem by disconnecting them from the power outlet.
  • After that, you must wait for a few seconds and reconnect them with the power outlet.
  • Finally, switch On the power and wait for a few minutes before using the Wi-Fi network.

Turn Off the VPN or Firewall

  • Your Asus router will also not connect to the internet due to the enabled VPN or Firewall.
  • Therefore, it is crucial for you to disable your device’s firewall software.
  • Apart from this, you’ll also need to turn off the VPN on your device, if it is turned On.
  • This will successfully allow you to connect your Asus router to the internet.

With the hope that you find the solution to your issue in this section, let’s bring it to an end. Adopt the above troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issues if your Asus router not working.


The above blog post explains the issue of the Asus router not working. Moreover, it also enlists the troubleshooting methods that you can follow to deal with this issue. You can follow these troubleshooting methods to free yourself from all sorts of Asus router issues.

Are you having trouble resolving the Asus router not working or do you need more information? Well, feel free to chat with our technical team as they will guide you through the complete troubleshooting process.