How To Reset Asus Router

How To Reset The Asus Router Easily? Easy Guide Here!

Asus wireless router is a very reliable networking device that can be used for large-scale commercial as well as domestic applications. Once you have set up an Asus router, you can connect your wireless devices easily and begin using the internet easily. However, if the network settings are misconfigured, you’ll need to follow the troubleshooting steps. You can restart the devices, and check the device connections and settings to troubleshoot the issue. In some case cases, doing these can be enough, however, in others, you’ll need to reset the router settings to factory default. This blog will walk you through the quick steps to reset the Asus router in no time.

Asus Router Reset Process

One way you can reset the Asus router’s settings to their factory default settings is through the hard reset procedure. The term Hard reset is a reference to using the hardware of the device to restore settings. In order to do this, it is necessary to find the RESET button located in your router. The majority of routers feature this in the rear of the panel. It is easily accessible by using the RESET logo.

In addition, based on the Asus router model you are using, you may find the button hidden within a small hole or sticking out of it. Find out which model you have and then proceed with the procedure.

Steps To Reset The Asus Router

Here are the steps you can take to reset your router to factory default settings. Asus router:

  • If you want to reset the button hidden within a hole, make use of a pin or paperclip in order to push it. In other cases, you can just press it with your fingers. Do this for around 7 to 10 minutes.
  • Then, you’ll see the lights on the front of your router blinking in a synchronized fashion.

Not all routers may require you to press the RESET button longer. So, if pressing and pressing the reset button on your Asus router isn’t helping to reset the settings, then you’ll need to continue pressing the button for a longer period of time.

  • When the LEDs begin to blink, press the RESET button, and allow the router to reboot.

Important: When your router settings are reset, it will restart a few times. After the process completes, it will then turn itself on and the LED lights will begin to flash in their respective. Do not disconnect the router or shut off the router during the process of resetting because it could hinder the process or cause permanent damage to the firmware of the device.

What’s Next?

Once the default settings are in the factory state, you’ll have to reconfigure the network as well as the device settings. This is due to the fact that all of the previously configured settings have been deleted. Follow the standard Asus router setup instructions to achieve this.

Other Techniques To Reset Asus Routers

Despite the effectiveness of the method of hard reset but it’s rarely recommended by experts in technology. This is because resetting to factory settings frequently can put your router at the point when the original version is no longer in use. It will not be able to upgrade to the most current version. So, the best alternative to reset your router is to power cycle the device. The power cycle removes the bugs and malfunctions that may cause your Asus router to stop working. Simply turn off the power and disconnect your Asus router, allowing them to remain in this state for approximately 30 minutes. Following this, you will be able to restart the router and begin regular operation.

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