How To Reset The Asus Router?

A Step-By-Step Guide To Reset The Asus Router

In this world of advanced technology, routers are widespread. The Asus wireless router is one of the most noteworthy routers prevalent in the community. Apart from this, it is also a credible networking device. Users can use this device for both domestic as well as commercial applications on a large scale.

Have you set up your Asus router? Now, you can connect any kind of wireless device more conveniently. Besides, you can also start making the most of the internet. In case, of any technical or non-technical issue, the network settings are misconfigured. In such a situation you will have to follow troubleshooting steps to fix those issues.

After going through this blog, you will be familiar with the steps helpful to you in resetting your Asus router in merely a few minutes. Let’s scroll down the blog to know more.

What Is The Procedure For Resetting The Asus Router?

One of the easiest ways that users can reset the settings of the Asus router to its factory default settings is known as the “Hard Reset Process.” What does the term Hard reset indicate? Well, this term is associated with the use of the hardware of the device to restore all settings.

If you have the desire to perform this method, first of all, you have to locate the “RESET” button. It is located on the backside of your router. In the majority of the routers, the RESET button is located at the rear of the panel. This way, it becomes quite easy for the users to access it with the use of the RESET logo.

In addition to this, users have to find the RESET button in their routers on the basis of the Asus router model they have or they are utilizing. So, before proceeding with the reset process of your Asus router it is a must for you to be familiar with the router’s model. After doing so, you can begin the Asus router reset procedure whenever you want.

Ways To Reset The Asus Router

There are a few key steps that you will have to follow to reset your Asus router. It will enable you to use the Asus router reset to factory default settings. Let’s get started.

  • In the first step, you have to locate the reset button on your router.
  • Next, press this reset button. For this, you can use either a pin or a paper clip.
  • In this step, you have to hold this button for 5-10 seconds. 
  • After this, you can release this button.
  • Now, your router will begin restarting. In the meantime, the LED will also start blinking on the front of the Asus router.

While you are resetting your router, it is a must for you to take care of a few things. It includes that if you disconnect your router or shut it off during the process, it may hinder the reset procedure. Not only this, but it can also cause permanent damage to the device’s firmware.

Other Methodologies For Asus Router Reset

In such circumstances, one of the best alternatives that you can go for to reset your Asus router is to “Power Cycle” the device. Via power cycling your device, you can surely eliminate all kinds of bugs and malfunctions that may be responsible for your Asus router not working properly.

To start the power cycling, firstly you have to simply turn off the power and disconnect your Asus router. Now, allow both your router and the power source to remain in this state for nearly 30 minutes. If you follow this, you will definitely be able to restart your Asus router and initiate regular operations.


Hopefully, this blog will be proven to be helpful to you in resetting your Asus router without any kind of trouble. But, if you are confused or need further assistance to complete the resetting process of your Asus router, you can connect with our team!