Asus RT-AX1800S Router Not Working

Asus RT-AX1800S Router Not Working. How To Fix It?

Is your Asus RT-AX1800S router not connecting? No worries! If your Asus WiFi router has stopped working or showing abnormal behavior, then you should pay attention to this issue immediately. Some people come across the Asus RT-AX1800S not working issue because of the power outage and some because of faulty setup or corrupt firmware. 

With this, we understand that the cause of the issue may vary on each router. So it is pretty useful to understand the causes of this particular issue on your device. That is when we will be able to fix Asus RT-AX1800S router in the best way possible. Let’s start with the post!

Causes Of Asus RT-AX1800S Not Working

We have put down some of the most common causes of the Asus RT-AX1800S not connecting or not working. Please have a look at the points below:

  • Power supply problem 
  • Frequent power drop-offs due to a faulty outlet
  • Malfunctioned or outdated firmware of Asus router
  • Multiple interruptions or interference’s around the router
  • Issues with power cable, LAN cable, or the physical setup
  • Inaccurate configuration and installation

How To Fix Asus RT-AX1800S Router?

Time to proceed with the fix! Your Asus router will be up and running in just a few steps. Follow the steps below:

Reboot Asus Router

Firstly, reboot your Asus router. Unplug the power cable and wait for 5 minutes before you plug it back into the socket. 

Cross-Check The Physical Setup

The ethernet cables and power cables should be firmly plugged into their respective ports. Ensure that your modem and router are close to each other. The wires and cables should not have any wear and tear signs. 

Asus RT-AX1800S Firmware Upgrade

Login to your Asus RT-AX1800S router and go for the firmware upgrade. You can either login through the web interface or use the Asus Router app. Once the firmware update completes, cross-check whether the issue exists. If the issue still exists, please go to the 4th step.

Reset Asus RT-AX1800S Router

If the issue does not go off, it’s time to reset your Asus router. We have to restore the factory default settings on your Asus router. Press and hold the reset button, which is located on the backside of the Asus router. Hold down your Asus router’s button for 10 seconds and then release. Wait for a few seconds. 

Reconfigure Asus Router

After reset, you need to reconfigure your Asus router. Open the Asus Router app and set up your router. Follow the in-app instructions and finalize the wireless settings of your router. 

Finally, the Asus RT-AX1800S router not connecting or not working issue will go off.


It is very easy to fix Asus RT-AX1800S router if it comes across any unusual error or problem. Always start by rebooting your device and then keep following the steps mentioned in this post. We hope this post walked you through the fix and helped you resolve your problem without any hassle. If you still see some issues occurring on your device, please reach out to us for any help.