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Asus Router Not Connecting to Security Cameras. How To Fix It?

If you observe your Asus router not connecting to the security cameras installed at your home, it might be a network issue or some other technical glitch. Well, the downside of having a wireless home security camera system is that it depends on your home wireless network. So if you notice your Asus router not working, it may also be affecting the security cameras installed at your home. 

This can happen with any wireless router. If the WiFi network is facing a temporary downtime, all the home security cameras will also experience network suspension. Most of the time, the issue comes up because of a glitch in your network or the camera. However, if the issue is at your internet service provider’s end, then you can’t do anything except wait for it to resolve. 

In this post, we will discuss how to connect security camera to Asus router if you observe your Asus router not connecting. Firstly, we will understand the reasons why this issue can show up on the network or your camera system. 

Why Is My Asus Router Not Connecting To Security Cameras

There could be countless reasons behind the Asus router not working issue. If the router is unable to connect to the security cameras at your home, you can troubleshoot the issue only when you know the root cause. 

In this part of the page, you will learn about some of the most common issues for Asus router not working

  • VPN service enabled on the network
  • MAC binding or IP filtration is active
  • Outdated firmware of your router
  • Outdated firmware of your security cameras
  • Router and security cameras placed too far
  • Frequent disconnections on the network 
  • Defective modem or router
  • Discharged battery of your security cameras

How To Connect Security Camera To Asus Router

If you are still thinking why the Asus router is not connecting to the security cameras, you need to follow the troubleshooting steps listed in this section. 

  1. Firstly, make sure the battery of your cameras is charged. 
  2. After that, you need to cross-check the distance between your cameras and the router. 
  3. Try relocating the router a little closer to the security camera. 
  4. Thereafter, check for the latest firmware updates on your cameras. 
  5. If you still observe your Asus router not working with cameras, you need to reboot the router. 
  6. After that, login to the Asus router using and cross-check the configuration. 
  7. Make sure the VPN, MAC binding, and IP filtration services are disabled. 
  8. If the latest firmware is available, update your device. 
  9. If you still see your Asus router not connecting to cameras, make sure the router is connected to the modem. 
  10. Contact your internet service provider to know about any possible downtime at their end. 
  11. If the issue does not go off, you can reset your router and all the cameras. 
  12. After that, you can reconfigure the Asus router and cameras. 

Once you reset and reconfigure your router and the cameras, the issue will be fixed.

Final Thoughts

This post was all about the Asus router not connecting to cameras issue. We discussed the main reasons why this issue could be occurring on your devices and why you get to observe your Asus router not working. We hope that this post helped you learn how to connect security camera to Asus router without any hassle. If you still face any issues or come across any queries, make sure you get in touch with our support team as soon as possible.