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How To Solve Asus Router AC5300 Poor Signal Issue?

If you experience a poor signal and slow WiFi with your Asus AC5300 router then this is a guide that you need the most. Dropping Wi-Fi signal and disconnection is a modern-day nightmare. Slow internet speed can really test your patience while you streaming your favorite Netflix show or playing online games. Thankfully, this guide will tell you how to solve the Asus AC5300 poor signal issue.

Asus AC5300 wireless router is equipped with advanced features for better WiFi connectivity. The triple frequency bands and MU-MIMO technology provides high-speed for high-bandwidth activities. However, regardless of such amazing features, Asus 5300 router at times fails to exhibit the proper Wi-Fi signals to every corner due to tangible obstructions. Therefore, we will get your slow wifi issue on the Asus router resolved.

Factors Why Asus Router AC5300 Poor Signal Issue Occurred?

There are certain factors due to which your Asus router keeps disconnecting from the internet; which are-

  • Interference and Obstructions
  • Environmental factors
  • Distance between your Asus AC5300 router and wireless device
  • Wireless operating mode

Steps To Solve Asus Router AC5300 Poor Signal Issue

Now, you can follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods when your Asus router not getting full speed.

Adjust the antennas

If you position the antennas on the Asus AC5300 router straight up then it will only redirect the Wi-Fi signal to a signal direction. Therefore, you should always position your antennas in a different direction. Point your antennas in the horizontal and vertical direction so that your router can cover a wider area.

Position the Asus wireless router

If your Asus router keeps disconnecting from the internet then the problem could be position. Maybe you placed your Asus AC5300 router too far away from the modem. It is recommended to place the Asus router at a higher place. Thick walls and metal objects can obstruct the signals therefore you should place your Asus AC5300 away from such devices.

Change the Wi-Fi channel

There are a total of 14 channels; you need to check the channel which channel is used by most people. Once you find that, you can choose the less congested and non-overlapping channel. If your Asus router not getting full speed then you should select the clearest channel for a better experience.

Update the firmware

You must keep your Asus AC5300 router up-to-date for better Wi-Fi performance. Update the Asus router firmware whenever it is available. Visit to the Asus support website and download the latest firmware file for your Asus router. 

Add an extender

If you’re still getting a slow wifi issue on Asus router then you can add a Wi-Fi extender. As too many devices connected to a network can really overwhelm your Wi-Fi. Luckily, a range extender can be added to fix the dropped Wi-Fi issues. There are number of good extenders available in the market. 

One Easy Method To Solve Asus Router AC5300 Poor Signal Issue

If you were confused about how to solve the Asus AC5300 poor signal issue then the above-given troubleshooting method should definitely help you out. If you need more steps to solve the slow wifi issues on the Asus router, you can contact to guide you with it.