Asus Router Login

Troubleshoot issues with the router login process

Asus routers have emerged to be the absolute favorite of users looking for seamless internet access. With features like MU-MIMO, dual-channel support, and more, having access to uninterrupted internet becomes easier. If you have recently purchased a new Asus router, learning the steps to accessing the asus login page to set things up and running becomes vital. This website is intended to help users like you with information to access the Asus router login page with ease.

The default Asus login addresses

Asus Router Login

The asus router login page is accessible using the default web address and the default IP address as well. You can use your web browser to access them easily.

  1. Default Asus Login Web Address:
  2.  Default Asus Login IP Address:

Once you have these details, the next step is collecting the admin and the password. There are multiple username and password credentials you can use to access the Asus router setup page further. These are:

  1. Username: “admin”
  2. Password: “password”/ “admin”

If you are logging in to the asus router login page after the initial setup, you shall use the changed credentials.

Beginning with the Asus router login process

Before you begin with the asus login process, here are some items you’ll need to collect. These are:

Once you have these items with you, you can begin with making the hardware connections. Follow the steps:
  1. Connect your DSL Modem to the asus router using an ethernet cable. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the LAN port of the modem and the other end to the LAN port of the router.
  2. Connect the power cords to the devices, and the power adapters to the power outlet. Turn on the power supply and allow the devices to power on. Notice when the power LED turns solid.
  3. Once the devices are ready, open the wireless network settings on your computer and look for the SSID of your Asus router. You can correspond to the SSID name from the product label pasted on the router hardware.
  4. Once you see the SSID in the available devices list, click on the same and then click on the “Connect” button. Remember you won’t need any password to connect to this network as this is a local device server address. However, you still need to be connected to the correct device network.
  5. Also, if you are connected using a wired network, meaning if you have connected your asus router to the computer using an ethernet cable, you can skip the step 3-4 and continue with accessing the login page directly.

Accessing the asus login page

  1. Open a compatible web browser like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, and in the address bar, type the default web address You can also use the IP address i.e. Hit “Enter” or click on the “Go” button once you have entered the address.
  2. You will be redirected to the asus router login page. When you see the login page appear on-screen, you’ll also see the username and password fields.
  3. In the username and password fields, you can type in the default access credentials as discussed above. Type admin in the username field and password in the Password field. Now, click on the login button.
  4. You will now be redirected to the asus router setup wizard online. Once you reach the same, you can follow the on-screen instructions to set up your device.
How To Access Asus Login Page

Issues while accessing the login page

Login To Asus Router

While you are attempting to access the asus router login page, you might face issues with the same. These may vary from you being not able to access the login page to having lost the login credentials altogether. Whatever be the issue, there are some simple troubleshooting steps you can follow at all times. These are:

  1. Restart your router. Restarting your asus router device can help reset the network activity going in your device. Once you restart your router, you can retry accessing the login page.
  2. Moreover, check if you are connected to the correct router network. You won’t be able to access the login page unless you are connected to the asus router network.
  3. Check if there are any third-party software like antivirus or firewall installed, that’s blocking access to the asus router login page. You can try disabling these temporarily and then try accessing the login page once again.
  4. In case you have forgotten the login password, you can reset the password. But, you’ll need to perform a factory reset.

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