Asus Router Setup

Asus is a popular brand that offers excellent performance and tons of features to its users. Wi-Fi routers provided by Asus are very reliable and user-friendly. You can easily structure your network with the help of these advanced features. Most of the latest Asus routers work on 802.11 ac technology. Asus routers have superfast Gigabit LAN ports, and USB ports to connect your connected devices. MU-MIMO and beamforming technologies help multiple devices to connect and access the internet connection simultaneously. Even the setup process of the Asus router using is simple and it takes a couple of minutes only. You can easily gain access to the features and personalize your network by logging into the Asus router setup page. If you are tired of having your router fall over, install the Asus wireless router. There are different Asus router models manufactured by Asus such as RT- AC5300, RT-AC1900, RT-AC3200, RT-N18U, RT-N12HP B1, RT-AC66U B1, RT-AC68U, and RT-AC58U, etc. You can choose any one from those according to your need.

The most common queries that we receive is to know ‘how can I access my Asus router remotely?’ So, this website is dedicated to the Asus router login and how to access Asus settings via You will find all the Asus setup techniques and related information on this website. Let’s start with the Asus router setup.

What is Asus Wi-Fi?

Asus router provides you reliable network along with great Wi-Fi coverage, whether you are at home or in your office. You can easily manage your home network Asus Wi-Fi with the help of Asus Wi-Fi app. All your home devices are fighting for a share of your Wi-Fi, whether it’s for playing online games, streaming HD videos, sharing files on the cloud, or for browsing. All that you need is a Wi-Fi network that fulfills all these demands. Asus Wi-Fi is the best solution for this. Asus Wi-Fi can help you achieve whole home coverage and maximum possible speed even with multiple devices connected.

Enjoy Super-fast and reliable speed with Smart Technology:

AiRadar Beamforming

Asus AiRadar uses beamforming technology to focus wireless signals to enhance the range and stability.

Dual-Core Processor

A powerful dual-core processor lets you do multi tasks without lag.

MIMO Antennas

High-gain antennas and high power MIMO technology deliver maximum speed for all the connected devices.

Adaptive QoS

Quality of service effectively utilizes the maximum out of your router and prioritizes the bandwidth.

Asus Router Setup

Before we start the setup process, we need to place our router and make proper and precise connections. After that, we need to go up to the Asus router login or web GUI so that we can configure or customize the router’s basic settings.  

How to install the Asus Router?

First of all position your router at the right place where there are no obstructions. Now, connect the power adapter to the DC-IN port of the router and connect it to a power supply. Next, connect the WAN or internet port of the router with the port of Internet modem using an Ethernet cable.

How to login to Asus router?

Asus router has a user-friendly web interface that you can access through a browser. Follow the steps to log into the router’s interface:
  1. First of all, connect the Asus Router to your PC using an Ethernet cable. Wired connection is always a better option for a seamless experience. It is more stable than a wireless connection.
  2. Turn on the Asus router. LED on your router will start blinking after a successful connection.
  3. Open a web browser of your choice on your PC and enter in the address bar.
  4. Next, it will ask for Asus router login credentials. Enter the default username and password on the admin page and click ‘Login’.
  5. Further, you will be redirected to the setup page where you can modify the desired settings. Always keep in mind the Wi-Fi password is not the same as the login password.

Here are the steps for the Asus Router Setup

  • After a successful login, start with the setup of the internet via QIS or Quick internet setup.
  • The QIS process will start automatically.
  • Now, choose your internet connection type.
  • Once your Asus router gets the information about the ISP connection it will ask to enter the details of Dynamic IP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, and Static IP.
  • Next, enter a suitable SSID and password and choose the security type. Press ‘Apply’.
  • Next page will show you the settings you’ve entered. Click ‘Save’ to save all the settings.

How to troubleshoot Asus Login Issues?

Most of the time users can’t access the Asus router login page. In this case, try the following troubleshooting tips:
  1. If the login page is not opening may be the local DNS is not working properly. Just type in the address bar and hit enter. You can also use
  2. If the above solution fails then someone has disabled the Ethernet port on your PC. Open ‘Control Panel’ on your PC to enable the Ethernet port. Click the ‘Change Adapter Settings’ in the left panel. Now, you will see the ‘Ethernet adapter’ option. Now, right click on it and select ‘Enable’.
  3. If this option does not work then try to find out the IP address. For this, open the ‘Control Panel’ and go to the ‘Network and Sharing Center’. After that, click the ‘Network Connections’ and then click ‘View Network Status’. Next, open your particular router connection and click ‘Details’. Here, you will see the IP address of your router in the IPv4 DHCP Server. Copy the same address and paste it in the browser’s address bar to access the login page.
  4. Maybe you are using the wrong username and password. If you have forgotten the login details then you have to reset the router to the factory default settings. To reset the Asus router, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and release it. The Router will reset to factory defaults you can use the default login credentials.

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